Mallee Stanley: The beginnings of Australia’s Jamat


The beginnings of Australia’s Jamat

By Mallee Stanley, for Ismailimail.

We drove from Brisbane, Australia, driving along the winding highway bordering the scenic New South Wales coastline until we arrived in Sydney. The following day, Hazar Imam arrived in Australia for a historic visit. This was the first time ever an Ismaili Imam had visited our island nation.

In the 1970s, only about one hundred Ismailies lived in Australia. I remember one family came from New Zealand, another from South Australia; most lived in Sydney; a few in Melbourne while we were the lone family from Brisbane.

The memories are hazy from the events of that special occasion except for everyone standing in a circle in anticipation as Hazar Imam and Begam Salimah entered the room. They stopped to speak with every fourth or fifth person while the rest of us held our breathe hoping we would be among the…

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