Jalal Jaffer: What Happened to the Canada That Saved My Family From a Brutal Dictator? | HuffPost

I knew both Jalal Jaffer as a younger brother of Khairoon Jaffer and his wife Shamshad who was a brilliant and a favourite pupil in my class when I taught at Aga Khan school from 1959-1964 or so. I met her again during the book launch at MHI’s Golden Jubilee in London.


Jalal Jaffer: What Happened to the Canada That Saved My Family From a Brutal Dictator? | HuffPostWhen Idi Amin, the President of Uganda, followed up on his dream, and ordered the expulsion of all Ugandan Asians within 90 days, whether those Asians were Ugandan for one generation or multiple generations, the Asians were gripped with fear and absolute panic. They were required to say good-bye to the only country that most had known; to hand-over all their life long possessions and assets, and simply go!!! Where would they go — how would they go — who would help them — and many such questions completely consumed them. These were traumatic times.

However, almost miraculously, Mike Molloy and a team of dedicated and empathetic Government officers and administrative staff descended from Canada. It was clear that they had instructions from the very top, to do whatever was necessary, to facilitate and process the migration of some 6,000 Ugandan Asians to Canada, within a matter of a few…

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