ISIS: Another Resurgence of Radical Islamists

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The Middle East Tribune

Radicalism A hooded ISIS militant

In June 2014, a major offensive launched by the so-called Islamic State of Iraq & Greater Syria (ISIS), also known as “The Islamic State” (IS), succeeded in no time to sweep and seize most northern Iraqi cities, like Samarra, Mosul, Tikrit, and other cities. To bring ISIS assaultive march toward Baghdad and the self-governing Iraqi-Kurdistan into halt, the U.S. initiated surgical air strikes operation, soon turned into a multinational campaign, aimed to destroy ISIS’s militant forces and war machines.

Before long, a series of vengeful tragic events began to come forth one after the other. Alas, besides the recent shocking assassination of Charlie Hebdo’s cartoonists in Paris, the world went through a traumatic shock after watching four video footages (on August 19, September 2 & 24 October 4, and November 16) showing a hooded ISIS militant cold-bloodedly beheading five western hostages: three Americans, French and British citizen…

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