Readers’ Reflections and Prayers for Grief-Stricken Syria

I cannot comment further as GLOBAL PEACE is what my blog is for

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The following is a selection of comments received from readers in response to Simerg’s recent posts concerning Syria, namely:


Ya Ali Madad:

Friend, brother… I have so much pain in my heart, I can not write… my tears are bigger than my chances to talk. [We] are united and together to face the barbarism!

Abd an-Nur al-Gharib


Being an Ismaili Muslim, we all have done bayah of the Imam of the Time and this means we are spiritual children of Mawlana Hazar Imam and he is our father and mother, which connects all murids around the world as Ismaili brothers and sisters.

My deep prayers, wishes, dua, bandagi, and concern for my brothers and sisters in Syria. May our beloved Hazar…

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I am an activist for World Peace, Justice, Human Rights and a better world. I do not want to change to Gavatar icon as I like the one I have had for a few years now! I say little about my education, and put no picture as the content is important not appearance or unnecessary self-praise.

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