Exclusive Photo Essay: 2015 Navroz Celebrations in Montreal

They seem so happy and well settled in this part of the globe in Canada’s second large city.

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Photo: Muslim Harji

Editor’s note: Montreal, Quebec, has by far the largest population of Ismailis from Afghanistan of any city in the Western world. Numbering in their thousands, one is often left wondering on major cultural and religious festivities, whether one is really in Montreal or in Kabul!

A few years ago, I visited the vibrant city for Mawlana Hazar Imam’s Salgirah on a cold and snowy December evening. The challenge of driving the difficult 180 kms from Ottawa was at once put to rest as I set foot inside the centre where the celebration was being held. The joy in the heart of the Jamat was palpable. I was welcomed with smiles and Salgirah Mubarak. The spirit of happiness of the Jamat filled the hall.  “How might the Navroz experience be?” I had often wondered, considering the particular significance of the New Year in the lives of millions of inhabitants of Iran and several countries in…

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