Carnage in Islamabad – Why?

Human Rights? Whose? Superpower state of US does not know them! Pity!

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Recently there have been airstrikes indiscriminately in various places in Pakistan. Many lives of innocent people is lost by America’s President Bush’s policy of so-called ‘war on terror’

I copy an article from Information Clearing House, by Stop The War Coalition:

George Bush Desperate for “Trophy Strike”

By StopTheWarCoalition

18/09/08 “StopTheWarCoalition” — – George Bush has signed a secret order allowing US troops to operate in Pakistan, without permission from the Pakistani government or agreement by the United Nations, contravening numerous international laws and conventions. Bush says the recent ground assault by US commandos and the big increase in the number of US missiles fired from unmanned aircraft are directed at al-Qaeda leaders, but the Pakistani government and local observers say that most of the dozens killed in these attacks have been civilians, the majority of them women and children.
The Guardian newspaper suggests a different interpretation for these…

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