A New Report about Gaza Sailing

Chosen people’s strategy! Chosen by whom, I am sure the Devil!!!

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Dear Reader,

Things need close watch. The 46 on 2 boats SS Free Gaza and SS Liberty need our support and admiration to want to teach Israeli Govt a lesson that this world is aware of their illegal occupation of Palestine and Gaza. This mission is for Humanitarian cause, surely! Will USA, European states, including United Kingdom, allies of Israel, show their sense of  Reason and Justice? Let us take heed for the sake of the ‘democracy’ they claim to have, or is it only a myth? Lets us keep in touch with the brave ones, via the addresses they give at the end of my forwarded message:


The SS Free Gaza & SS Liberty are on their Way to Gaza!

Forty-six international human rights workers are now sailing to Gaza through
international waters with one overriding goal: to break the Israeli siege that
Israel has imposed on the…

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I am an activist for World Peace, Justice, Human Rights and a better world. I do not want to change to Gavatar icon as I like the one I have had for a few years now! I say little about my education, and put no picture as the content is important not appearance or unnecessary self-praise.

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