They All Have Gaza Fever

This was true then and it’s so NOW.

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So writes Greta Berlin, the Mediateam Leader:
My phone rang tonight, an unlisted number showing up on the caller ID. “Free Gaza, Greta Berlin speaking,” “I miss you guys,” was the reply. “I miss working with you and working on going to Gaza. How are the plans for fixing the FREE GAZA and when will we plan the trip again? I’m working on other high-profile people who want to come.”
A few minutes later, checking my email, one of the passengers on the first boat wrote, “Is it possible for me to come back again? I’d really like to go on one of the next two trips.”
Another passenger for the postponed second trip wrote, “Of course I’ll come back. How can I not come back? You have captured the imagination of thousands of us, and we must come.”
Several people on the first trip came back…

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