Photo Essay: Chitral Through the Lens of an Eye Surgeon

A very authentic story of a Doctor in Chitral performing Miracles, so to say!

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A sight saving miracle in the making

Armed with a special magnifying lens, some surgical equipment and plenty of courage and faith, Badrudin Kurwa set out on a mission to restore sight to people blinded by cataracts in a remote corner of the world – Chitral in Northern Pakistan. His mission was part of the Time and Knowledge Nazrana (gift) that thousands of Ismailis around the world pledged to their beloved Imam, His Highness the Aga Khan, on the occasion of his Golden Jubilee which was celebrated from July 11, 2007 until December 13, 2008. The Ismaili Imam’s wish is that the gift of Time and Knowledge that his followers have pledged him will enhance and strengthen his community’s institutional capacity, so as to better serve everyone both within and outside the community at large.

During his brief stay in Chitral, Dr. Kurwa treated almost one hundred people, instilling hope in the more than two thousand still afflicted with cataracts that they would be able to see again…

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