Article: The Great Resurrection


Article: The Great ResurrectionIt happened on August 8, 1164, CE (17 Ramadan 559 AH).

This is the day I would have wanted to witness.

On this day Isma‘ilis from all over Persia gathered outside the fort of Alamut. A great pulpit was erected with four pillars attached to four banners – white, red, yellow and green.

The murids from Rudbar and Daylan stood to the front of the pulpit, the murids from Khurasan and Quhistan were stationed on the right side, and the murids from central and west Persia were positioned on the left.

At midday, the Imam of the time, Mawlana Hasan ‘ala-dhikrihi al-salaam, adorned in a white garment and wearing a white turban, descended from the castle and ascended the pulpit.

The Imam greeted the dignitaries and sat down for a moment. Suddenly, he rose and drew his sword and made one of the most important declarations in Isma‘ili history:


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