Alternate Reading of the Events Surrounding the Declaration of Qiyama in Ismai‘li History


The Institute of Ismaili Studies - IIS Scholar Presents Alternate Reading of the Qiyama in Ismai‘li HistoryExcerpt: Representing the Institute, Dr Sarkozy opened the panel with the Isma‘ili Imam Hasan II’s (1162-1166 CE) declaration of the Qiyama, the Time of Resurrection, with an emphasis on its political dimensions instead of its better-known religious ones. In a paper entitled Response to Rivalry and Decline: The Political Circumstances of and Reasons for the Announcement of the Qiyama in 1164, Dr Miklos Sarkozy called the Qiyama, ‘the most important spiritual event of Hasan II’s brief reign’ which initiated a new phase in the history of the Nizaris of the Alamut period (1090-1256 CE).

Dr Sarkozy described how after making numerous preparations, in a solemn ceremony at Alamut on 8 August 1164 CE in the presence of various representatives from Nizari strongholds who had been summoned there, Hasan II delivered a khutba and passed on new instructions from the hidden Nizari Imam; according to this decision the Nizari community had…

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