The Esoteric dimension in the Faith of Islam

I have copied my comments I made in the following article:

This article gives us an insight as to how in the sub-continent of India, in this context Gujarat, Pirs came using the skill of Social Anthropologists of today, of living and becoming participant observers of the society that they selected for their study! They came to spread the new religious fervour or philosophy of Islam as their mission. Firstly, even though they came from Farsi-speaking Sehentardip the Persian peninsula, into Jampudip India, they learnt the language and used the existing tool of poetry sung in the form of Garbi and large volumes like Salokos as cited in this article. The society was submerged in the shadow of ignorance and in the complexity of ancient Hinduism. They emphasised the light of Islam spreading ‘taweel’ or the essence, not ‘tanzil’ or dogmatic and traditional practice of this great world religion of Peace and Submission to Allah. Sunna is of less importance in the esoteric form of Islam that Ismailis follow.

We see the scattered imams with a small ‘i’ in the world of today, who distort and pick out ‘jihad’ as the main theme of revenge rather than that of ‘jihade kabir’ the inner cleansing of one’s soul, the most important asset of Islam! The ascetic Pirs introduced Prophet’s and Hazrat Imam Ali’s teaching without crowing themselves as pious to be obeyed, revered or worshipped. They made the populace look up to the creator, the Noor, the Light of Allah taught to mankind via the Prophet of Islam. Please forgive my shortcomings in this comment!


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