Gaza Sailors in boat Dignity’s Achievements

About Gaza Sailors:

SS DIGNITY, landed safely at the port of Gaza this week. Yesterday some of the passengers accompanied five Gazan fishing boats as they ventured out within their own territorial water in Gaza hopes of making a good catch to provide food and income for their families.

Oslo agreement gave Gaza a 20 mile limit, the people of Gaza have never asked for more than the 12 miles which are standard under international law. After the elections in Palestine, Israel arbitrarily announced, as part of its blockade to punish Palestinians for democratically electing the wrong party, that it was cutting the limit to 6 miles.

Yesterday we in Cyprus received repeated distress signals saying ‘help, help, help, help” from one of the boats which was under attack. When one of our colleagues in Israel called the Israeli military to protest, the response was “They have plenty of food; why do they need to go fishing?”

They are hoping to send the SS DIGNITY back to Gaza within the next two weeks:


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