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Russia would be criticised, is that surprising? Not to me at all. Who dominates the world? USA and its allies, including UK, Germany, France etc the G7, or shall we say also NATO with its European states and new allies like Poland and what have you! These few small splinters agree to install nuclear spy stations, ask CND they will explain this more succinctly. There are so many such bases in UK alone that were used for fighter bombers in the Invasion of Iraq. United Nations was powerless when this invasion took place jointly by USA and UK by Mr Bush and Mr Blair inspite of its non resolution, was it not?

Who was responsible for the attack on Russian people living in S. Ossetia first?

I am not interested in giving a sermon about the ‘democracy’ of Mr Bush and his Vice President Dick Cheyney who want to enforce on Afghanistan, Pakistan etc just to take very recent examples.


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I am an activist for World Peace, Justice, Human Rights and a better world. I do not want to change to Gavatar icon as I like the one I have had for a few years now! I say little about my education, and put no picture as the content is important not appearance or unnecessary self-praise.

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    History repeats itself with Iraq still in a mess, with ISIS created jointly by Israel/US today in August 2014 the most recently viewed world in the Middle East with no solution to repeated attacks or massacre of human lives of Palestinians in their hunger for creating the confounded ‘jewish state’ of Israel by the mythical chosen people as their legend and lunacy goes! Arise American people, now is the time.

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