Missing People in Pakistan and elsewhere

I met a victim of this, a wife of a missing person in Birmingham very recently. I abhor this practice in Pakistan and of course, elsewhere. It is ridiculous for weak governments to join USA President’s so-called ‘war on terror’ when his policy has caused so much unrest, injustice and death of innocent people in Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine/Israel, Latin American states etc, the list is too big. He is the biggest ‘Terrorist’ in my opinion, more so since the event of 9-11, mind you, I do not condone it, but the way Bush’s government has caused an uproar for this, globally, there will be more resistance, worldwide.

Why does he not, for a change, close down Guantanamo Bay? Innocent people are also sent there, who are not charged, and cannot be, as there is no proof against them. Take the case of Moazzem Begg, who too resides in Birmingham UK, and is now released, thanks to people’s pressure! The more America dominates states like Pakistan and others, including also European States, more contempt will be felt towards this materially and militarily powerful United States of America, with its close ally, namely Israel. His recruiting of more states in NATO is also a very negative Agenda.
Restore PEACE, tomorrow is World’s Peace Day, declared by United Nations.


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I am an activist for World Peace, Justice, Human Rights and a better world. I do not want to change to Gavatar icon as I like the one I have had for a few years now! I say little about my education, and put no picture as the content is important not appearance or unnecessary self-praise.

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