Just received this message. Anyone can attend it, I presume but please contact them just in case!


From: Palestinian General Delegation

Sub: Commemoration for the Late Palestinian Poet Mahmoud Darwish

The Association of the Palestinian Community UK

Commemoration for the Late Palestinian Poet Mahmoud Darwish

7 pm on Thursday the 9th of October 2008

Kensington Town Hall, Hornton Street, Kensington, London, W8 7NX


Jeremy Corbyn without doubt will make the best leader of Labour Party. He stands for Straight Talking and Honest Politics.

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I support Jeremy Corbyn in most of his policies, he is a supporter of CND and Officer in Palestine Solidarity Campaign, had gone over to Israel when Mordechai Vanunu was at last freed form the long imprisonment by Israel; this mission is not complete as Vanunu has still not gained his freedom and is undear constant surveyllance not allowed to leave the Zionist Israel ethnically cleansing Palestinians and air-raiding Gaza shamelessly till today! Israel pretends that it has no nukes, fooling the world and getting support from USA, Europe and help from UK all making it difficult for JUSTICE, PEACE, and FREEEDOM for these people of Palestine before Israel occupied it after Balfour Declaration.

Jeremy reports from Gaza – Campaign news – LRC.


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It was a joy to meet Malik my Mentor in Ottawa

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Simerg's Merchant Simerg’s Merchant

By Abdulmalik Merchant

I have lived in Ottawa for almost thirty years, and as a lover of magazines and newspapers I have been a weekly visitor to two great and noteworthy magazine stores in the downtown area, “The Globe” in the Byward Market area and “Mags & Fags” on Elgin Street, as well as “Brittons” located in the dynamic and eclectic shopping district in the Glebe neighbourhood. Brittons  abruptly closed its doors earlier this year, with a notice posted on the door that stated, “Due to changing times our business is no longer economically viable.” Mathematically, these stores have been visited by me alone approximately 1300 times! I have seen Prime Ministers, Bank of Canada Governors, ambassadors, politicians of every party and famous writers at these stores. Also, I may add that the idea for Simerg’s highly acclaimed series I Wish I’d Been There was conceived…

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I shall not be silenced even if by forgery someone else lputs a post in my name, adverse to my voice that http://www.zarinaspeks.com stands for. Today I deleted such a spam by a gangster! It was sent in my name!

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This speech rendered in the Canadian Parliament by H H Aga Khan IV hereditary 49th Imam Prince Karim al-Husseinyi of Shia Ismaili Muslims serves as the landmark in the history of not just Canada but of the developed states in the Western World. He was invited by the Prime Minister of Canada as a guest Speaker on 27th February in the year of 2014.

Speech: Address of His Highness the Aga Khan to both Houses of the Parliament of Canada in the House of Commons Chamber, Ottawa.

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Aga Khan Museum is a unique place to see in Toronto in a beautiful surrounding.

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He brought us the Arab Spring, live. Now, he’s bringing artSultan Sooud Al-Qassemi arrived at the Aga Khan Museum in Toronto one morning this week — slim build, in black jeans, open-necked shirt, neat beard, glasses — looking every bit the hipster Manhattan art maven.

As founder of the Barjeel Art Foundation in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, Qassemi is more than comfortable in that world. In fact, cosmopolitan and fluent in several languages, educated in Paris, he’s comfortable in many cultures.

What brought Qassemi to international celebrity was his live-tweeting during the Arab Spring of 2011, which made him a major explainer of the Arab world to the West, a role that remains a point of considerable pride.

via He brought us the Arab Spring, live. Now, he’s bringing art. | Metro

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By Hussein Rashid


“What does Islam say about images?” It is a question that seeks to understand religion through unitary and static prescriptions.

At its core, the question is about what is “Islamic.” Such a question is problematic because a community of believers decides what the religion means. Because human beings are involved, there will be differences. While there are boundaries for who a Muslim is, such as belief in monotheism, the prophethood of Muhammad, and observance of certain ritual and legal obligations, there is a lot more that Muslims believe that is not universally agreed upon, thus generating difference.

The confusion starts because Muhammad played two roles within his community—religious and spiritual authority and polity leader. Like earlier Abrahamic prophets, the combination of the two roles was expected and accepted.


Folio from the Majma’ al-tawarikh (Compendium of history) by Hafiz Abru (d.1430); recto: The Birth of Muhammad; verso:…

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People of the World,

Please if you believe in Human Rights, Peace, Democracy,  Freedom of Press, Freedom of Expression or Voice,  general global tolerance of us ‘microbes’ inhabiting this earth, do take a moment! No more wars, recognise past achievements, evolution of our world, history of even faiths; these are some significant facts that this world of ours should and must know of. Religions such as Judaism (not Zionism of Israel!), Christianity and Islam in their chronological order are given only a lip-service in the western dominated world of today.  Sadly, Islam is given a label of ‘terrorism’ by terrorist dictators themselves.

Not to ignore other faiths that existed and perhaps new ones continue to emerge. Buddhism, Hinduism, Paganism, Druids, Zoroastrianism,  even Agnosticism, Atheism, Darwinism or wrongly lumped Marxism, Socialism,  and what have you? There were and also are Religions and Faiths…

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